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Welcome to My Site!

**FOR THOSE WHO HAVE INQUIRED ABOUT RATS N THE PAST OR TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE YET TO INQUIRE** I am considering to do a breeding! It should be great, but I can only do it if i have a waiting list of people. I want to cross a Blue hooded female ( carries true hairless, and blue obviously) to a lilac berkshire hairless male! The results should be : 50% hairless, 50% hairless carrier. 50% hooded, 50% berkshire. colors: some will be black, but i think the lilac might carry blue. we'll see! I will ask $10 per rat to good home, and i will start reservations NOW! email me !


Furry Paws Rattery is a small rattery located in Sugar Land, Texas. Currently I have standard and true hairless rats, with high intentions to get rexes in the future. My main focus is to breed quality rats with great health and personalities. In addition to health/ temperments, I strive to improve the rat breed in hopes to produce "the ultimate rat"- an animal that excells in all aspects- health, temperment, and physical characteristics. I have also introduced American blue into my lines, and fortunately produced blue in my first cross! Email me for availability of rats at


I live in Sugar Land, Texas, and I can drive up to 1 hour away from my house. I do not know much about shipping, so I will not ship anything until I learn more about shipping live animals.
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